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This fills me with huge amounts of glee: [ profile] twelvecolonies

If you're interested, you should go sign-up. I'm on [ profile] teamgalactica. :) If you tell them I sent you, I will get cookies. Or at least extra points for my team, probably.

(FYI: Challenge communities, like [ profile] legendland, [ profile] whedonland, [ profile] twelvecolonies and etc. are groups that give you everything from drabble contests to graphic-making contests, to fandom-specific puzzles and games, all of which earn you points for your team (most comms have 3 or 4 teams). Usually, you can participate in anything from one event a week to all of them (different comms have different numbers of events and things, of course.) You don't have to do things outside of your comfort level (if you don't like to write, you don't have to do the fic challenges, etc) but there's normally enough variety that there's something for everyone.) More info is available on those sites' user info pages, of course.

As long as I stay on top of what's going on, I don't have much trouble managing multiple challenge comms. I'm enjoying them more than doing task-specific comms like icontests or drabble-writing comms, probably because of the variety of events. I'm trying to convince myself I really shouldn't go try and find the Harry Potter one I know is floating around somewhere...


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