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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you thank you thank you! I am SO excited and looking forward to this whole process. :) (The first part I cribbed off of my letter last year, but I figure, why reinvent the wheel, you know?)

In general, I like 'shippy stuff, and witty banter, and have a particular love of thick and heavy UST (depending on the couple, and how much that fits their personality, of course.) My biggest sticking point/wish is that characters be in character or have good, well thought out reasons *not* to be in character. ::g:: Any rating you'd like to write is ok with me.

More particularly (thoughts and suggestions you are free to include or not as it moves you):

Haven: I have developed a total obsession with the whole "Nathan can feel Audrey's touch" issue. I'm not particularly interested in just a PWP with these two, but would love something that looks at the UST and sensuality of Nathan secretly being able to feel any time Audrey touches him, or even after he's revealed to her that he can feel her, and it being *their* little secret and the new dimensions that it brings to their relationship.

I also <3 the idea of Nathan/Audrey/Duke as a threesome, and any plot or PWP potential there-in. :)

The Changeover: Mostly, I'd love to get a glimpse into what Laura and Sorry's life is like once they return to school after she's changed and the whole issue with Jacko is taken care of.

Greek Mythology: any sort of Dionysus-centric fic would be fabulous. :)

Warehouse 13: I love Pete/Myka of course, but I am also fascinated with the relationship between Myka and H.G.. (And I would never say no to Myka/H.G./Pete fic.)

Much love and thanks,

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