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So You Think You Can Dance - Top 10 )

I liked this week's Warehouse 13, HawthoRNe, and In Plain Sight (though I'm disturbed by the glass of wine in front of Jinx at the end. I think this was probably a prop error, since everyone was freakin' sitting there and not saying anything about it, but it was a pretty *big* mistake (as nit-picky things go) and I wagged a disappointed finger in their general direction.)

And now I'm off to make icons, cause [ profile] seekerstillness, [ profile] richlan_ic, and [ profile] str_icontest are all due tomorrow. I think. I hope, anyway.
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- I finally sat down and got a good look (read: I read an in depth review) at the Palm Pre. Want. Want so hard, omg. Unfortunately, money issues aside, we're with AT&T and don't have a data plan. So it's a no-go there, for now at least. And I don't actually mind waiting around, because I generally prefer not to buy the first gen of new tech in any case. But OMG is it drool-worthy.

- I have discovered that strep throat it kind of awful and I hates it precious. Am glad that antibiotics exist, and that finally, today, it no longer feels like I'm swallowing sharp gravel.

- Joanne Kelly is one of the leads in Warehouse 13. I don't know how I missed this before, but I saw her previously on the Dresden Files and she's one of those actresses that just grabs me no matter what she's in. I am very pleased about this knowledge. :)

- Speaking of shows on Skiffy (now SyFy): TIM MINEAR is working on a reboot of ALIEN NATION. This is... well, I would be terrified if it were someone else heading it, but barring Rockne S O'Bannon himself rewriting things, I'm pretty ok with that choice. I honestly think that he did the best work we got on Angel (I ultimately preferred his writing on that show to Joss Whedon's, though not by a huge margin). According to the article (which is very brief) the series is supposed to be set about 20 years after the crash, so the newcomers will be more integrated (or more separated, depending) with the human society. My biggest hope is that they haven't integrated to the point of moving away from the cultural differences, because that was by far the biggest draw for me of the original series. No matter what though, I'm extremely excited.


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