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So, I know many of you ([personal profile] celli , [personal profile] ladysorka , [personal profile] icepixie ) use Dreamwidth along with (or instead of) Livejournal.  I am intrigued by this process, and want to learn more.  I have read the overview FAQ at Dreamwidth, but I still don't understand exactly how the two sites do or can interact.  Does anyone have advice/tips/explanations and so forth that would be helpful?  

I went and had about two years of having to deal with the world offline, and all of fandom has changed (the sites, etc.) and I am a bit confused.
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I have two questions, come to think of it.

First, how do you, my bestest flist, save fanfic that you like? Do you just bookmark it and trust that it will still be there on the morrow? Or is there some way in which you web-clip it to somewhere so that you can read it whenever? What options do I have there?

Second, I have a Droid, and need an LJ client that shows my flist. This is now the primary way that I get online, and the "offical" client is strictly a post upload program. Bonus points if it's Free.

Is anyone still out there reading this? I know I've been gone a *really* long time. I want desperately to get back into blogging, but I just haven't figured out where and how and all that good frustrating stuff...


Jul. 20th, 2009 06:36 pm
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 My father pointed out to me today that: 

My Great-Grandfathers were adults when the Wright Brothers performed their first flight.

They also lived to see a man walk on the moon.

That is all.

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- I finally sat down and got a good look (read: I read an in depth review) at the Palm Pre. Want. Want so hard, omg. Unfortunately, money issues aside, we're with AT&T and don't have a data plan. So it's a no-go there, for now at least. And I don't actually mind waiting around, because I generally prefer not to buy the first gen of new tech in any case. But OMG is it drool-worthy.

- I have discovered that strep throat it kind of awful and I hates it precious. Am glad that antibiotics exist, and that finally, today, it no longer feels like I'm swallowing sharp gravel.

- Joanne Kelly is one of the leads in Warehouse 13. I don't know how I missed this before, but I saw her previously on the Dresden Files and she's one of those actresses that just grabs me no matter what she's in. I am very pleased about this knowledge. :)

- Speaking of shows on Skiffy (now SyFy): TIM MINEAR is working on a reboot of ALIEN NATION. This is... well, I would be terrified if it were someone else heading it, but barring Rockne S O'Bannon himself rewriting things, I'm pretty ok with that choice. I honestly think that he did the best work we got on Angel (I ultimately preferred his writing on that show to Joss Whedon's, though not by a huge margin). According to the article (which is very brief) the series is supposed to be set about 20 years after the crash, so the newcomers will be more integrated (or more separated, depending) with the human society. My biggest hope is that they haven't integrated to the point of moving away from the cultural differences, because that was by far the biggest draw for me of the original series. No matter what though, I'm extremely excited.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Often, when I'm talking to people on the phone (or even in person sometimes) I lose the thread of the conversation despite my best attempts to pay attention.  I have to go back, and replay what I just heard, figure out the context, etc. - and if someone is making a request of me, it's worse - because I have to do those things, make sure that it's what I actually heard *and* also answer the question itself.  I process the written word faster than auditory, and it also doesn't have the person just staring at you, thinking that you haven't answered yet because you really aren't sure if you want to do whatever it is, etc. and getting annoyed with you.  So talking via text is easier on me, often (whether it's phone txt or IM or forums or email) because I have time to read/act/react in what's a more normal, natural flow of thought for me. 
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 I think I may've just blown up my f-list adding comms.  I'm sort of doing that thing where I'm jumping into *everything* headfirst.  

Moving has commenced.  Or rather, the unpacking stage of moving has commenced.  I am inordinately proud of myself for what I accomplished today, and there will be pictures, but not tonight because I'm also exhausted.  And have to go out to the car (which is all the way down the stairs and in the *cold* - wah.) 

But in a nutshell, I drove from the 'boro to my mom&dad's, then decided that I had to rearrange and "sort" all the boxes so that all the book boxes were together, and all the crafts boxes were together, etc.  Then I sorted all the dirty clothes.  (Ok, there's one tub of them left, but I'm going to do that tomorrow morning.  Also, I went through the hall bathroom and threw out all the random hba crap that's several years old and filling up the drawers and shelves.  I still need to do that in the bathroom attached to my bedroom, as well.)

There are apt to be fights in our future regarding how often we go to the 'boro on the weekends.  I don't think (ok, rather, I *know*) that my mom doesn't "get" that B and I are actually clergy in our community (especially B, now) and are very active in our religion and community and have responsibilities there.  And I'll absolutely grant you that she doesn't really have a way of understanding that, since we don't talk about it - ever - but it upsets her and makes her incredibly uncomfortable when the fact that I'm not christian comes up.  So.  Right.



In knitting news, I've started Jennigma's plus 3 gauntlets of warming - but mine are apt to only be plus 1 because I'm using worsted weight on size 3s rather than aran on size 6's.  I'm still not sure if they'll be me-sized or [ profile] jessofthebugs -sized when I'm done.


If anyone knows how to get deviant art to either export journal entries over to LJ or get deviant art to pick up LJ entries, please let me know?  Also possibly Library Thing.  Is there a work-around involving RSS maybe?  Or something akin to LoudTwitter for other sites?

ZOMG Shiny!

Nov. 7th, 2008 02:58 pm
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Mind-mapping program - it's online-based, and SOOOOOOOO pretty.  Seems to be very very easy to navigate and use as well.

In other news, my NaNo sucks and I hates it right now.  :(
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The Internet Tablet Manifesto, so to speak. Or rather, a discussion on what/why/hope regarding this nifty little device (the author uses the term "weblet" and I think I like it.)

You see, I have a shiny new Nokia n800 (as previously reported). I am currently figuring things out - the shiny and the not-so-shiny (for example, Rhapsody, as wonderful as it is, is a lying liar that tells lies and the Nokia can't act as a "To Go" device - rather it is capable of streaming Rhapsody directly when attached to the internet itself.) Ultimately, how I want/need this little thing to work for me.

Follow the cut for more specific details of this new toy... )
More later - right now I need to go call Mom (Happy Mother's Day everyone!) and go be social.  Ish.
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I am a Web 2.0 slut.

But I'm not your typical Web 2.0 slut.

My interest isn't in the social aspects of such things. (I know, that's an odd and seemingly contrary stance coming from someone who's been on LJ since around 2001. Bear with me.) Other than actual journals, I don't so much care one way or the other about the social interaction facilitated by Web 2.0 technology. I don't look at using LastFm or GuruLib or Google books because I want to spend hours chatting with other users about a song, book, movie, or program. I have my online community, I love them, I'm going to keep them, but I'm not *actively* looking to expand that circle. I don't have time.

What I *AM* interested in, and what I love Web 2.0 for, is the functionality and productivity that it provides. I like the idea of being able to work on things via the web, of not being tied down to a specific box or hard drive, and I love the creativity of many of the interfaces. I'm not an organized thinker by nature, but I crave being organized. So anything that will facilitate that process, especially if it guides me through it, is good to me.

But frankly? Right now I'm in overwhelm land. Gah! I'm faced with options galore, and for anything to really be workable, it needs to be centralized.

Somethings I'm centralized on. Gmail is my mail client. Period. While I have a back-up Yahoo! account (mostly because Yahoo!Groups is *still* a more powerful community engine than GoogleGroups ::cries::) I don't check my mail there. I wish that you could sort your inbox by sender and subject, but that's a very minor gripe with a pretty decently easy work around (search the "from" field). I'm terribly thrilled that GoogleTalk is interfaced with Gmail's contacts, and am happy to know that I should be able to connect to AIM users that way.

Likewise, gCal is my calendar. I'm happy enough with it that, like email, I don't even bother to look at other systems when they crop up anymore. Unless an online Office-clone comes along can integrate directly with OneNote, I'm happy to stay with gDocs and Google Notebook for my online documents and notes. Google Bookmarks has the majority of the online bookmarking functionality that I need ( has NEVER floated my boat, not to mention I can never remember the web address). And even if someone else was to try to create another knitting 2.0 site? Ravelry allows for absolutely NO competition. It's just too good.

Beyond that, it's an open field, and I'm not sure which way to turn.

My confusion rests in a few particular areas:

1. journals
2. to-do lists
3. media cataloging/tagging/reviewing/inventory
4. picture storage and cataloging
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I know I'm probably WAAAYYYYY behind the curve here, but just in case any of y'all haven't seen this or backed-up your journals, I've had quite a bit of luck with this so far.
( for all those who the link doesn't work for for some possible reason.)

Very easy, simple interface, blindingly quick and grabs comments as well.

Beyond that? I just... can't deal with all the LJ crap. Can't. I've gone and registered CyberMathWitch with both GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal just because, well, I'm territorial about my user-name, darn it all. But this sort of thing hits just about every. single. panic button I have and if I get into it? I will need the heavy anxiety drugs again. I *don'* need to need those. I like functioning like a relatively normal human being.


Updates from the previous week will be up -well, eventually. Sooner rather than later, I'm sure. I typed them into an email at work and totally mailed them to myself.
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A week ago I got married (April 21st). A week from now I turn 27 (May 4th). In the middle, as a wedding present, we got an HP Pavillion dv9000. This all makes Koren a very happy girl.

Before anyone freaks about not having heard about/been invited to the wedding? We didn't invite anyone. There were five people total, myself and Brian included. We finally decided that the only reason things kept getting put off was the amount of stress, money, and trouble trying to plan a "wedding" was causing, so we eloped.

There will, however, be a party to celebrate the last weekend in May. More details will follow - I promise.

We still don't have web access at home, but now that we have a laptop with a wireless card, and I can get online at various places with *my* computer (rather than a library or a friend's computer) - this should improve my online time. Love.

If anyone wants to know what I might want for my birthday, there's a link to my Amazon wishlist to the side - or any kind of gift certificate to the Body Shop or This doesn't mean I'm *expecting* anything, but people ask, so I thought I'd provide the info.

Regarding what we might want for a wedding present? Gift certificates to Target.

(Now that my polite southern-raised side has been thoroughly scandalized that I've volunteered all that information, I'm gonna go find a snack. ;) )
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Hallelujah, saints be praised, ye gods and little fishies woohoo! According to this article at CNet News, Microsoft is getting rid of Times New Roman as the font of choice in Office 2007. (A more indepth article is here at, and an article with example text in the new font, Cambria (as well as others they're rolling out) is here at Cambria's pretty. ::G::

Hate hate hate hate hate Times New Roman. I actually have a folder in My Documents on my harddrive called "Times Prison" where I store the damn thing (in case a program just blows up without it) so that it's not in my font folder and my programs are forced to default to their secondary font. I was very luck in college because my professors accepted (and generally preferred) Arial for papers (which, coincidentally, takes up the most room per letter, if you're ever writing a paper based on page count and not word count. Verify, of course, that your teacher/professor will accept it. Many will.)

It's not that it's a serif font, though I do prefer sans-serif in general. (Verdana is my favorite.) I have an abiding love for Courier New, which is a serif font, possibly because my first exposure to fanfiction was reading pages and pages of plain text.

(Because yes, I'm old, and I don't just remember when was cool, I remember when the Gossamer Project was cool. Back then? There were no nifty publishing apps to make archives out of. You either linked plain .txt files and trusted the author to have followed the formatting codes regarding character-per-line length or you hand coded everything before you put the .html version up. To this day when I write I still lean towards just using *asterisks* to indicate italics. And I have to remember that I can write straight in Word format rather than having to write it in Notepad, check the spelling in Word, and then save the Notepad draft to keep "smart quotes" - evil things - from blowing up in the final output.) And we had to walk uphill both ways to get to the archive. Snerk.

I'm not 100% sure if they're removing it completely or if they're just bumping it as the default standard, but it makes me happy either way. ::G::

[ profile] sabre_hawke you might be interested in as it is a site for journalists about writing journalism.
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Google is my internet BFF.

This article is why.

--much love for John C. Dvorak and PCMag, too.

We (by which I mean middle TN) wouldn't be likely to be in the first wave of any major sweeping changes were this to take place. (Though there is a Google office in Atlanta.) But the idea, and the increasing validity of the idea is just inspiring.
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Have switched back to the plain-text editor. Except for posting graphics (which is a pain in the ass w/o the rich text editor to do the cartwheels for you) I'm happier hand-coding the damn thing. Then I'm less likely to get to the published version and go "wftwhere'dhalfmypostgo?" when the code blows up. Also? Easier by far to back-track and fix it. It's kind of like the first time I looked at the raw source after I made a page in Dreamweaver and went "eh?" because it looked nothing like our earth html. Really.

(All that said, it's been so long since I've used it that I have to rely pretty heavily on a crutch for my memory. But that's what WebMonkey is for.)

Am having fic-y troubles. Minor S3 speculation, so I'm cutting )

I should probably rewatch several eps of the show, but there's just no *time* to do that right now. Am stuck working the 10:30-7pm shift at work all week (which I bloody hate) which cuts down on my time once I get home. Or feels like it does, at least. And since I have to leave the house at about 9:30-9:45am to get to work, I don't really have that much extra time in the morning.

Random non-sequitor, but they put me back on anti-depressants. We're trying prozac this time, which I haven't been on since I had a nervous breakdown at 13. Back then it screwed up my cycles, but my MD felt that it would be worth trying again. So far... well, I'm certainly not as depressed as I was a month ago. I'm not as depressed as I was two weeks ago. But since I only started the prozac four days ago, I don't think that's responsible. (I do however, think it's responsible for me having much more energy the last few days. It's sort of the hyper-manic kind of energy, but it helps me get things done.) I think that the fact that my depression slacked off about the time I found BSG (and more importantly found the *fandom* surrounding BSG) is a factor that should not be ignored.

The MD agreed with me, though, that it's unlikely I'll ever be able to be off meds completely. Much reduced, certainly, but there's a pretty significant biological basis to a lot of my crazy. [ profile] kadollan once likened it in some ways to diabetes, in that your body doesn't do what it's supposed to, it effects your health, so you take what you need to help it. Some people can manage diabetes with diet and excercise, but others can't. It's a matter of degree.

(Total side note of geeky squeeage: Writely will not only let me publish directly into my journal from the site, but it will also act as an html editor and let me switch back and forth between rich text, html code, and web preview views. I'm in sooooooo much love right now.)

Also? Reg is now open to anyone - no invites needed. So go play!
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Links for various and sundry peoples:

For my bookish friends: Library Thing (I haven't tried it, but it looked cool.)

For my Firefly and Endless people: icons I found through a friend of a friend.


As some of you may or may not be aware, I have four journals (besides this one) and one comm on LJ:
[profile] klm_art (graphic and digital art), [profile] koren_m (my fic), [profile] thingsofstring (needle crafts - knitting, cross-stitch and crochet mostly), [profile] _f_a_n_tasies (reviews)


[profile] through_a_glass which is a writing community

I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I know I want to keep my art journal and my fic journals. It's the easiest way to organize that information, even if it adds another step to posting updates since I need to mention/link from here. I also have to decide whether to post to communities directly from the journals that apply (post fic from the fic journal handle, art from the art journal handle, etc.) or fake cut from this journal. I know several of you have multiple journals - I'd love any kind of feedback or advice on that one.

I'm 85% sure I'm keeping my craft journal, because it's a different mental place than regular journaling. Unless everyone here wants to hear all about my trials and joys with string. Of the not-kinky variety. That's something else. ::eg::

I'm mostly on the fence about [profile] _f_a_n_tasies. It's supposed to be a fandom journal, with more formal reviews of books, movies, show eps, and cds. And I've used it, and would like to start doing that again. As a regular habit, even. I guess part of the question becomes is fandom the same kind of box that art, writing, and crafting are in my life. It probably is. So I should probably keep it. And again, link back here.

But speaking of boxes... if I'm boxing everything else (cause it's not like they don't all mush together anyhow, yeesh) would it make sense to have a separate place for religious/spiritual ramblings? In that in particular I'm thinking about wanting/needing a f-locked journal. Which is a *very* valid reason for separating it out. Also, how many of you are interested in reading that here? I mean that as a genuine question.

Finally, regarding [profile] through_a_glass - the description of the comm is as follows:

This a community for developing writing skills, finding feedback, and trying to lure others into taking those plot bunnies that won't seem to leave you alone, but that you can't seem to write about. ::veg::

Seriously though, I know there are other writing communities out there, and I don't think that there's a specific something to make this one stand out, except that it's, well, *us*. And I don't mean that in a "we're better than everyone" sort of way, but rather in a "we all know each other" sort of way. I want this to be a place to bounce ideas around, to issue various fandom (and non-fandom) challenges, to post finished and in-progress works, and get feedback on them, and to discuss the actual *process* of writing various kinds of fiction.

It's not done a thing in several years. So, if anyone is interested in forming a writing community or being part of said group, lemme know and I'll think on opening it up. It was started for myself and several off-line friends of mine, but again, I'm willing to expand on that. Would very much *like* to expand on that, actually.

Icon Updates:

Am about to go upload the rest of the icons I've made the last several years to [profile] klm_art. Several will be up for grabs, it's a mixed bag of subjects, and I'd love feedback. Post is here. (Updated)

note: zomg am starting to hate the rich text editor and am glad I can (sort of) read html code... the lj user tagging blew up and first had the entire second half of the post as *one* lj user tag and once I fixed that tried to put the little "people" images on *both* sides of the handle, rather than the front end.  WTF?
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Firstly, I have Writely invites if anyone wants one. Writely isn't a blog, it's an online wordprocessing program that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents online. You can upload, download, store, and email documents via the program, and it has a pretty flexible formatting system (you can do most types of text-effects, sizes, fonts, etc that you could do in Word or a similar program, and it will export in most of the major file formats, including Word and Open Office.) Google has joined the site as a partner and registration is technically closed down while they fiddle with it, but you can still get in via invites. It is particularly useful for group projects or for writing and beta-reading fic. (Which would be why I joined up.)

Secondly, I have completely redone my journal - title, color scheme, the lot of it. Instead of going with one of the pre-made colourways I made my own from a picture of a stormfront off of Flickr. I used Pixie to pin down the html color codes in parts of the picture, then applied them to the Smooth Sailing style in LJ. I didn't actually use a photo in the design, because I haven't re-installed my Picture Publisher 8 yet. But I like it very, very much the way it is. I managed to get the colors and contrasts that appeal to me so much in a storm-threatened sky. I'm sure just about everyone reads my journal via their f-list, but if you happen to meander on over to the journal proper, I'd love to know what you think.

Thirdly, I'm on my way to a doctor's appointment to have a stress test. I'm not sure how it'll go - it depends on if they want me to walk or run, and if they want me to run, how long it's for, because of my asthma. But I'm hoping I'll be able to do it w/o them having to schedule a nuclear one. What I'm hoping for, if anyone wants to throw prayers or energy this way, is that either a. everything will show up ok BECAUSE IT REALLY IS OK, or b. they'll see what's actually going on if there's something wrong. I'm emphasizing that first part because I don't want it to look like it's fine and then not be.
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Many things, but in brief.

First, Web 2.0. Or, all-those-nifty-"my-page"-apps-on-the-web-now like Google homepage, pageflakes, and others. And RSS feeds. And blogs. And Flickr. I like it, I think. But I don't know for sure because there's so much out there. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. What do you play with? Which sites make up *your* online world?

Second, [ profile] fandomhigh. I've actually started a character in the Launchpad. Gaia Moore from Fearless. Wish me luck.

Third, I want to overhaul my journal. Graphics must be made. But mostly I need to play with the journal settings.

Fourth, uh... wait, I'm brain-dead. The fourth that was is not.

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How do I love voice-mail - oh, let me count the ways...

Dipshit that I can occasionally be, I managed to lose my cel-phone *right* before I left for my mother's house (it's in our apartment somewhere, so it's not irretrievably lost or anything, but Brian had to be somewhere and if he (or I, for that matter) had had to go *back* into that apartment at that point we would have hurt someone. Gah!) Since I've got at least one job application I'm waiting to hear back on, and I'm going to be in Dickson for 5 (well, 4 now) days, this was a complication. Luckily? I can access my voicemail from any phone, any place, any time. This makes me happy.

Other things that make me happy? [ profile] 206_bones (Now I just need more userpic slots...)

Things that make me less happy? The tooth that I knocked out in a bicycle accident when I was 9, that they'd managed to put back in? Apparently is starting to break down. So I get to go find an "endodontist"(spelling?) and find out what my options are for a new one. But that's why it's been ouchy. Which, I suppose, is both better and worse than an infection, depending on how you look at things. But *SO* not something I wanted to have to try to deal with right now.

But hey, at least it got me out of the dreaded teenage rite of braces. And 16 years is really not so bad all-in-all, since the original estimation was I'd keep it for about 7.


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