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I've had a week. I have a sneaking suspicion the next one won't be a lot better from that standpoint, though it certainly has the potential of being better in some areas. (The part I'm not quite so encouraged about is the part that would be roll-over from this week.)

I washed out of the writing round of [ profile] startrekbigbang, and am about to do the same thing with the [ profile] polybigbang unless the word-fairy helps me out with a miracle today. I really hate that, because to me it means I wasn't on the ball and was procrastination girl and therefore it's my own damn fault. I do that with way too many things.

There are big weeks going on over at [ profile] whedonland and [ profile] legendland and in both cases, they snuck up on me and now they're in full swing and I don't feel like I have a good grasp of what's going on, how it works, or what I should be doing. Therefore, when I run across those posts, I feel sort of like you would imagine someone would feel running alongside a train who's steadily increasing it's speed as it leaves the station.

The main reason for that is, quite simply, I've had a bad week. I haven't slept well (by which I mean that I've either fallen asleep before I meant to, and therefore in a weird position and done that thing where you keep waking up just enough to know you need to move, but not enough to *actually* move, or I've fallen asleep ok but woken up incredibly stiff, sore, and tired. It's not unusual, but a week and a half (or more) in a row of it is very draining. And when my energy gets low (it doesn't take a lot, I don't have much to begin with) then I get very muddle-headed. Like VERY muddle-headed. Like, I can't read a paragraph (or sometimes a sentence) without fading out on it and not understanding what's going on or what it's saying. I'm in no way, shape, or form a stupid person, but that level of tired makes me into one, and I really sort of hate it. Caffeine can only do so much, and I have to watch how much of that I have anyway.

In completely other news, I'm now the Secretary for the Board of Whedonites United. There's all sorts of stuff surrounding that giving me stress, but I feel a really strong calling to do more in terms of fandom community organization to help fulfill that side of my job as a priestess to Dionysus. I do a lot of the religious stuff already, but fandom community has been neglected for the last several years.

Oh, and the husband just enrolled (today - well, yesterday, now) in Massage Therapy school. I'm really quite proud of him, and overall am very pleased with this turn of events. We have to meet with the Financial Aid office there next week, and classes start the middle of next month. Hopefully he'll be able to get financial aid and hopefully anything that doesn't cover his family will be willing to help out with. But this should - no, this *WILL* open up a lot of opportunities for him both now and for his (well, our) future. So I'm pleased and hopeful.

Tomorrow (Today) is Rosh Hoshanah, so I'll be busy all day helping [ profile] kadollan get ready, and cook, and so forth.
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Ok, a couple of you should have replies asking for clarification, but here are the answers to the rest of the prompts I've gotten thus far:

Those Five Things... )
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Title: Dear Savas (The High School Edition) #2
Author: Koren M. ([ profile] cybermathwitch)
Disclaimer: Not mine, not at all. This incarnation of Jo McCoy and Savas belong to [ profile] jessofthebugs, and the universe and other characters belong to Star Trek & etc.
Pairing: Joanna McCoy/Savas, but not quite yet. Forgive them, they're slow on the uptake. ;)
Rating: PG
Type: Series, Remix, Epistolary
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,029
Summary: Even Vulcan adults can be set in their ways (otherwise known as being stubborn and shortsighted).
Notes: Again, many thanks to [ profile] jessofthebugs for letting me play in her sandbox and being an awesome beta.

(This is in the same universe as the Dear Daddy series. The rest of this series is here.)

"Deciding one's path is perhaps the first and greatest test of an individual's reasoning..."
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NaNoWriMo does strange things to the soul.

The first time that I delved into it's exhilarating, frightening, unknown waters (and if you've never done it, it really is a bit like diving off a pier at midnight into a body of water you've never seen) was probably around 2000. I think that I wrote maybe 1000 words, if that much on a very random whim without really understanding a thing about what I was trying to do. At the time, I had no sense of the actual scope of the thing, or of the idea of pacing myself and therefore I also didn't really put myself into it.

In 2003, I revisited the idea, this time with a plot bunny I'd gotten from a friend of mine. By that time, I'd moved on from college and was working at a 40-hour a week job, and was coming down from a several-week-long panic attack (bordering on nervous breakdown). That's the year I really think of as my first foray into the actual heart of the project, and while I made a bunch of the beginner mistakes (like not sticking to a daily word count) I also managed about 40,000 of the cherished 50,000 word goal.

I think in 2004 I suffered from a total lack of any inspiration, and in 2005 I was between jobs, inspiration-less, and in the middle of having problems with mental illness that sapped any creative energy I possessed. But 2006? 2006 was the year I discovered Battlestar Galactica, and had my fandom muses renewed. It was also the first year that I made it to 50,000 words (some of which got written in a fugue state that had me going back later and thinking "when did I write that?!" but in a good way.)

It was still a solitary endeavor (complete with askance looks from friends and family at ever mention of it). In 2007, I managed to coerce [ profile] kadollan into participating with me, and we both wrote Harry Potter fic. Because the word count goal in and of itself was no longer challenge enough, I decided that I should attempt (for the first time ever in my life) to exert some self-discipline and stick to the daily prescribed word count of 1667 words. I actively bribed myself with the promise of silk yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and kept pictures of both said yarn and Luna Lovegood (my central character and newly discovered muse) on my desktop at work. And you know what? I did it. I absolutely did.

So last year, it was Harry Potter again, only it wasn't at first because [ profile] the_disco_fairy tried to talk me into original fiction. That failed like a fail-y thing, because I caught [ profile] kadollan's HP Next-Gen bug, but I tried to do two at once for awhile, because I was unemployed again, and why not? I ended up with an unholy (and really awfully close to cheating) union of the two by the end of things (along with a 60,000+ word count).

So at some point, I got to be the sort of writer who says "15,000 words? That's easy!" and means it. It's a realization I had going into the [ profile] hermionebigbang this year. The hell? I can see how I got there, but it's still a surprise, kind of.

And all those fics that I've written for NaNo that have never seen the light of day? I'm using the [ profile] ginnybigbang and [ profile] harrypotterbang as an excuse to get them finished, edited, and posted.

The [ profile] startrekbigbang and [ profile] polybigbang are going to be new endeavors, like the [ profile] hermionebigbang is. And I think that the [ profile] hermionebigbang just might be what's leading into this year's NaNo storyline.
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Ok - I know that some of you lovely people have seen Star Trek more times than I have (I'm looking at you, [ profile] simons_flower ::g::) - so I need a questioned answered.

In the scene where they're all in the hangar bay getting their assignments, we see Gaila and Uhura together, hear Uhura's assignment, and then she says goodbye to Gaila and goes to find Spock and "correct" things. First, do we hear anything about which ship Gaila was assigned to? and second, other than the fact that we don't see her in the rest of the movie, is there anything to suggest that she *wasn't* assigned to the Enterprise?
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I'm posting the icons that came from this week's challenges at [ profile] str_icontest (#5: Out of Character), [ profile] richlan_ic (#19), and [ profile] seekerstillness (#6). All of the images were provided by the community as prompts, and the textures used are from Hybrid Genesis ([profile] hgx).

9 Chris Pine
5 Zachary Quinto

4 Richard/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Richard  (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Denna (Legend of the Seeker)


Chris PineRichard/KahlanRichard

The Icons )
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So You Think You Can Dance - Top 10 )

I liked this week's Warehouse 13, HawthoRNe, and In Plain Sight (though I'm disturbed by the glass of wine in front of Jinx at the end. I think this was probably a prop error, since everyone was freakin' sitting there and not saying anything about it, but it was a pretty *big* mistake (as nit-picky things go) and I wagged a disappointed finger in their general direction.)

And now I'm off to make icons, cause [ profile] seekerstillness, [ profile] richlan_ic, and [ profile] str_icontest are all due tomorrow. I think. I hope, anyway.
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There's also the [ profile] harrypotterbang, which is pretty much anything-goes HP-themed Big Bang, and [ profile] polybigbang which is a multi-fandom polyship-themed Big Bang.

I'm already signed on as an Author and a Mixer for the [ profile] startrekbigbang.

I know it *sounds* like I'm a crazy person, but really, half of these are going to be pieces that I've got a big chunk of sitting on my harddrive, just waiting for an excuse to see the light of day.

(Really, this is a tricky trick on my life to get the universe to provide a job that will make all of these fic obligations a million times harder. Murphy's Law and all, you know. ;) )
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First, I'm currently in the process of moving all my fanfiction from here and [ profile] koren_m over to the new fic community/archive I'm sharing with [ profile] kadollan and [ profile] jessofthebugs: [ profile] awfully_clever. Currently [ profile] jessofthebugs is posting her Chekov/Sulu series Victor, Victor over there as well as one or two ST: Reboot one-shots. Go. Read. Reply. Friend. (Actually, you'll need to watch the comm rather than join as it's closed to just the three of us for posting. But y'all know what I mean and how this sort of thing works. ::g::)

Second, I'm currently irritated by the lack of flexibility in the LJ layout. More specifically, that most active sidebar components don't work with it. If anyone has any workarounds, I'd love to hear them. I'm too deeply entrenched in the LJ universe/community to actually move my journal over to blogger permanently.
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 First - [ profile] comedownstairs  in particular, as well as everyone else I know who is loving on the New Trek - you must watch this:  (I'll give you a hint - it involves New Trek and a Glee cover.)

I am a geek *AND* a gleek!  Whee!

Second - if y'all aren't watching Legend of the Seeker yet, you must do so.  It's all on Hulu.  You have no excuse.  Go watch!  It is pretty and 'shippy and violent and sexy and did I mention pretty?  (My husband is particularly in love with the fight choreography.)  Many thanks to [ profile] serendipityxxi  for turning me on to it. :)

Third: Have a weekly dose of Burn Notice and Royal Pains (both of which should also be coming to a Hulu near you, soon.) I am reserving judgment on BN until I have seen more, though so far, so good, and I LOVE ROYAL PAINS.  Hank can be my MD anytime.  Eye candy aside, the dialogue is quick and clever, and I like all the characters we've been introduced to thus far.  (Except the ones you're not supposed to like, of course.)  [info]icepixie, you might want to check it out - it's a little bit like Northern Exposure, but with fewer moose (mooses?).  Also, it and Burn Notice both scream "SUMMER" to me - probably residuals from sitting up late watching Silk Stalkings (another great beach-themed show) on summer nights when I was in junior high.

I like Mental on Fox as well, but am less enthusiastic about it than the above two shows.  

I've also been watching So You Think You Can Dance, both because I have a huge crush on Cat and because I am a dance junkie.  But I think I like the audition/Vegas segments better than the actual competition portions.  Is that weird?  I don't know who I'm pulling for yet.

And lastly a meme, stolen from [info]i_am_girlfriday :

The problem with LiveJournal is that we think we're close, but really, we know nothing about each other.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks. No limits on the range of questions, either: ask me anything you want to know about, whether it's a fannish opinion or a question about a fic of mine or trivia about my real life or my thoughts on events in the offline world. 



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 Awesome happy squee... Kirk/Spock Reboot fanvid


May. 24th, 2009 04:50 am
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Um.  Hi.

I haven't been around much.  And I'm not actually 100% sure that this is a change in that particular trend, but ::shrug::.

I want to write things down and record them.  I want to keep a running tally of my life, online, and use the materials and tools that I have at my disposal to do so... I'm just not sure *how* to do that.

That's not exactly right.  I suppose, in an abstract way, I do know how to do it.  I could write you manuals and papers about how all these things work, but I'm not sure how to apply them to my life.  What things do I want to record?  How do I want to keep up with them?  Like my physical surroundings, if I had a cut and dried system of where things went and how things should be sorted and what kinds of classificiations and distinctions I should be making, then I could impose some kind of order on things.  I'm just not sure what those things are *for me*.

Take ravelry, for instance.   I can record what yarns I own, what projects I'm working on, etc.  There's also a tagging system, that would allow me to organize and categorize and classify my projects, my queue (projects I want to make someday), and my "favorites" (things I just thing are neat) into categories that are meaningful to me.  I know that many people are able to create and use tags in a completely organic way, and that works for them.  I, however, can guarantee you I need a better basic structure than that (because I've *tried* the completely organic thing, and it doesn't work).  So I need to decide at the outset that I'm going to mark all my books with a tag "book" and further that I'm going to call science fiction "speculative" and not "sci-fi", "scifi", "science fiction" and "science fic".  Because I *WILL* do the later if I'm not properly prepared beforehand.

Then there's the age-old question of "what kind of a planning system do I need to be using?  What do I need to keep track of?  I have several little peices and ideas, but I don't know what the picture is yet or even what shape the puzzle is.  I know that I need a hard copy, paper calendar I can carry around, that's small and lightweight, and has the months in it with plenty of room to write.  I finally figured out a year or so ago that I "see" and "think" of time in months, so that's the best way for me to see my schedule.  Daily pages are *way* too excessive, and weekly pages seldom get used.  I know that I need some kind of contact/address book, and it needs to have both a high-tech component and a low-tech (ie, written on paper) component as well.

Going back to calendars for a moment, while I know I need a paper calendar, I also want/need to use my Google Calendar because that's where many of my events and activities first get posted, and I have several friends calendars I'm linked to.

I have my LJ tags where I want them (I think) but none of my others are that organized.  (Also, I feel like I should at some point go back and tag the old LJ entries from the before times when there weren't any tags so that they'll be searchable too.)

Any thoughts/advice/etc would be appreciated.


In completely other news, I'm on Clue 1 of the new Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl, and while I can't say that the Knit Picks' Gloss Lace is flipping my switch all that much as a yarn overall, I LOVE the color I'm using (Mango).  It's a nice, cheerful orange-y peach that makes me happy when I look at it.  Which is a good thing, considering how depressed I've been lately. 

I've finished one of two socks for the Hogwarts Sock Swap (5), and I know I need to get cracking on the other one (it's due the 28th).  

My swap-ee for the Reducio! swap seemed very pleased with her package, and I'm pretty pleased with the idea/execution of said idea that I came up with.


The House season finale blew me away and left me climbing the walls for next season.  I still need to go watch the season finale of Dollhouse, but I really liked "Briar Rose".  We're having to wait to watch the last two eps of NCIS because I had to put the Netflix on hold until I can deposit my next check (I was stupid, didn't keep up with my money well enough and accidentally went overdrawn).   Castle was lovely, though, and I'm THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF that it's coming back.  

I'm both looking forward to, and a bit nervous about the new season of Jon&Kate+8 starting on Monday.

I got a look at the 2009-2010 Upfronts at and I have to say I'm pretty happy with them.  I don't see the House spin-off though?  But there's a bloody lot of genre shows, which pleases me to no end.  And I've already checked out the pilot ep of Glee and can't wait to see more.  

I'm loving the new season of In Plain Sight (Mary/Marshall for the win! though Brandy/Peter are pretty cute, too) and the more I see of Royal Pains the more I want to actually watch it.  


I'm reading New Moon right now, and liking it ok.  I'm not turning into a rabid fan, but I don't think that it sucks, either.

Speaking of rabid fan-girl-ness, I want more Star Trek OMGOMGOMG.  I also loved Wolverine, and was quite pleased with Angels and Demons.  The pacing of A&D is much better than it was in The DaVinci Code, I think.  I've finally see the original Night at the Museum, and want to see the sequel.  I wouldn't mind seeing Terminator: Salvation in the theatres either, which is kind of weird since I never liked any of the original Terminator movies.  But Christian Bale is lovely.  Speaking of lovely, "Australia" was lovely - and Hugh Jackman is ::guhdroolguh::.  

WhedonFest is going to eat my brain.  I know it is.  And I'm going on a trip the weekend before, and GI Joe comes out somewhere in there.

Oh, and Skin Trade (the new Anita Blake) is out on the 2nd of June.  Want. Badly.

Finally, I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday this month.  My Brain Age is 42 right now, I've cleared all the Basic Sudoku levels, am on World 6 in the New Mario Bros. and am trying to find all the zoo animals in My Sims Kingdom.



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