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Tonight, I happened to run across an eljay comm dedicated to finding really bad bsg fic and (apparently) trashing it.  Now, I am deliberately not posting the name or link to the comm, because a. I don't want to single them out, b. I'm sure there are not alone, and c. I believe that they have the right to do so and will support that right.

That doesn't mean that I understand *why*.  Because I don't.  I just Don't. Get. the "wank" trend in fandom.  I can understand not liking a fic, or a show, or an episode.  I can even understand well-rounded discussion about fics, or episodes, etc. where you might go into detail about *why* you don't like it.  I don't understand out and out bashing things and making fun of them.  I know a lot of people are huge TV w/o pity fans, and I could never get on that bandwagon for the same reason.  It just makes me sad.  

I keep almost wanting to post about RaceFail, except that I have no desire to read any of it, and therefore can't actually speak to it.  I do know that I have serious issues with feminist-critique, and my only experiences with racial/cultural critique really aren't (it consists of an English Prof in College bitching about how Farscape wasn't being "multi-cultural" because they hired a "white" girl to play a grey character instead of someone who might be more ethnically diverse and complained about how they were filming in Australia but didn't have any "native" actors. (I'm sorry, but first off, if Lani Tupu isn't at least *part* Maori, **I'll** eat Crais's pretty-PK hat, and secondly - they're all playing aliens. They're blue and green and purple and orange - and it's not happening in an Earth environment, I just don't think saying that it doesn't show a multi-cultural view of Earth is a valid arguement in this situation.  It's not showing Earth's future, it's showing a completely different galaxy's present.)

Am still planing on a fandom rundown later. 

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Please be warned, the following rant contains spoilers for all of this season of NCIS.

Things that inspire me to ::facepalm:: and want to dislike people... (no to mention forbid anyone else from watching my show).

What Pisses Me Off... )

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Gakked from [ profile] simons_flower Totally missing the point... of talk like a pirate day.

Yes, we all have little eye-patches. Yes, there's a ship sinking in the header. Yes, for today we're all updating our "Captain's Logs". All these things? Historical pirates. Johnny Depp-type pirates. It bugs me when people *willfully* misunderstand something in order to cause trouble. Dude. ::headdesk::

That said, I think it's quite cute. I need a stuffed parrot.

In other news, I'm disturbed that the little tab over the stickies on the wings of the Always pads now says "Have a happy period." (Probably Girly TMI, but yeah.)

And tonight, (or as soon as [ profile] serendipityxxi looks at the draft one more time) there will be BSG fic!


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