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Calling all Writers, Artists, Vidders, Mixers, Betas, and Cheerleaders!

Sign-Up Now:

Sign-Ups run through January 3, 2010.

More Information, including the Flight Schedule, is available here.
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And [ profile] pilotsbigbang is up and running!

Due to an unfortunate mis-alignment of schedules, things will be a little rough around the edges for the next week or so while I get the rest of the code and things squared away, but the full rules are available now (*please* read them) and the sign-up posts are up.

All the pertinent information, including links to the sign-up posts can be found here.

I will have a post up soon with relevant banners, icons, and pimping information.

Thank you everyone! :)
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Holy frakking crap, you guys!

Less than a day since I started posting about [ profile] pilotsbigbang and I HAVE OVER 30 PEOPLE WATCHING THE COMM!!!!


I... don't think I was expecting that. Don't get me wrong, I'm **THRILLED**... just a bit overwhelmed. In a good way I think though.

(On top of this, things are swimming along quite nicely (if busily) with [ profile] whedonfest, and the upcoming Gathering.)

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Mark your calendars, update your f-list, and pimp this out to all your friends...

Coming Soon:

To pimp the comm, please use the code below:

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First, there is now a comm for the Pilots Big Bang: [ profile] pilotsbigbang There's nothing there yet (though I'm working on it) but I plan to go live with information, sign-ups, and so forth sometime late in the day on November 1.

Second: ANY GRAPHIC/LAYOUT DESIGNERS! I could use your help. It doesn't have to be detailed or extravagant, but I would love to have a Pilots theme or at the very least a background image up on the comm before it goes live. If anyone is willing and able to help with that, please email me at

Third: If anyone has any interest in being a co-mod for this endeavour, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Same email address as above. The person I thought might co-mod has just gotten an extra overtime cap approved for her job, so needless to say she's not available. :(


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