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I'm going to be working on some layout/coding things this evening, so if you happen by and the journal looks like utter crap, that's probably why. ;) Hopefully it'll be better by next weekend.

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First, I'm currently in the process of moving all my fanfiction from here and [ profile] koren_m over to the new fic community/archive I'm sharing with [ profile] kadollan and [ profile] jessofthebugs: [ profile] awfully_clever. Currently [ profile] jessofthebugs is posting her Chekov/Sulu series Victor, Victor over there as well as one or two ST: Reboot one-shots. Go. Read. Reply. Friend. (Actually, you'll need to watch the comm rather than join as it's closed to just the three of us for posting. But y'all know what I mean and how this sort of thing works. ::g::)

Second, I'm currently irritated by the lack of flexibility in the LJ layout. More specifically, that most active sidebar components don't work with it. If anyone has any workarounds, I'd love to hear them. I'm too deeply entrenched in the LJ universe/community to actually move my journal over to blogger permanently.
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I know I'm probably WAAAYYYYY behind the curve here, but just in case any of y'all haven't seen this or backed-up your journals, I've had quite a bit of luck with this so far.
( for all those who the link doesn't work for for some possible reason.)

Very easy, simple interface, blindingly quick and grabs comments as well.

Beyond that? I just... can't deal with all the LJ crap. Can't. I've gone and registered CyberMathWitch with both GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal just because, well, I'm territorial about my user-name, darn it all. But this sort of thing hits just about every. single. panic button I have and if I get into it? I will need the heavy anxiety drugs again. I *don'* need to need those. I like functioning like a relatively normal human being.


Updates from the previous week will be up -well, eventually. Sooner rather than later, I'm sure. I typed them into an email at work and totally mailed them to myself.
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It's all [personal profile] kadollan's fault.

No.  Really.

I didn't realize, when I commented on her latest project, that it was a mystery stole.

Let alone *the* mystery stole.

The one that 6000 people are all participating in.  (Including people like the Yarn Harlot.  I'm in Knitter awe.)

I'm a sad, sad sheep.


So I totally joined.

And added my name to the waiting list for Ravelry.

And am wondering why on earth I'm posting it over here when no one even reads this one.  I'm about to cross post it to [personal profile] cybermathwitch anyway.

Do I even still *need* this journal?


(Which of course brings up the question of all my different journals.  Writing journal, ok, that makes sense, in a fashion.  And well, ok, my art journal makes sense for all the reasons I originally stated, that is, because I sign everything klm, and I wanted something to reflect that.  So those make sense.  But does it make sense to have another journal to actually *post* in - and if the purpose was to organize pics and things of projects, well, I'll eventually be able to do that on Ravelry and I'm not *good* at it now.  Blah.)

x-posted to [profile] thingsofstring
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Must go to bed...

but I updated my sidebar with a link to my SparkPeople blog, which is entirely [ profile] kadollan's fault.

more later when I'm not dead on my feet. Or rather butt, as I'm sitting. Still.
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I just waded through a god-awful amount of emails (the last 6-8 months worth of neglect building up in my inbox, to be precise) - I culled from over 2000 down to just over 250. More will have to be done later.

Needless to say, that was almost entirely me categorizing and filing crap. Anything not from March on the discussion/community groups I'm on? So totally got archived.


Brian thinks that me posting is theraputic, and that there's a direct correlation between how much I interact with y'all and my sanity.

Random non-sequiter, but I'm container-gardening this year. I wanna grow pretty flowers and yummy veggies in pots on my porches (front and back) since I think my landlord would scowl at me digging up the lawn. (Not to mention you have to deal with less pests if you use containers.)

So far I have beans, a tomato plant, cucumbers, peas, chives, some lettuce, and some nasturtiums. The rest of my starter seeds haven't germinated yet - I'm about to scrap this bunch and plant more. I think they got too cold upstairs.
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How many words/characters can one post handle at a time? (In other words, I'm trying to figure out how many posts I need to break my fic up into.)

I'm hoping to get away with two, but the word count is 11,824. Does anybody know?
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Firstly, I have Writely invites if anyone wants one. Writely isn't a blog, it's an online wordprocessing program that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents online. You can upload, download, store, and email documents via the program, and it has a pretty flexible formatting system (you can do most types of text-effects, sizes, fonts, etc that you could do in Word or a similar program, and it will export in most of the major file formats, including Word and Open Office.) Google has joined the site as a partner and registration is technically closed down while they fiddle with it, but you can still get in via invites. It is particularly useful for group projects or for writing and beta-reading fic. (Which would be why I joined up.)

Secondly, I have completely redone my journal - title, color scheme, the lot of it. Instead of going with one of the pre-made colourways I made my own from a picture of a stormfront off of Flickr. I used Pixie to pin down the html color codes in parts of the picture, then applied them to the Smooth Sailing style in LJ. I didn't actually use a photo in the design, because I haven't re-installed my Picture Publisher 8 yet. But I like it very, very much the way it is. I managed to get the colors and contrasts that appeal to me so much in a storm-threatened sky. I'm sure just about everyone reads my journal via their f-list, but if you happen to meander on over to the journal proper, I'd love to know what you think.

Thirdly, I'm on my way to a doctor's appointment to have a stress test. I'm not sure how it'll go - it depends on if they want me to walk or run, and if they want me to run, how long it's for, because of my asthma. But I'm hoping I'll be able to do it w/o them having to schedule a nuclear one. What I'm hoping for, if anyone wants to throw prayers or energy this way, is that either a. everything will show up ok BECAUSE IT REALLY IS OK, or b. they'll see what's actually going on if there's something wrong. I'm emphasizing that first part because I don't want it to look like it's fine and then not be.
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::looks at the new style management screen::


::hugs LJ to death::

::realizes that when she went to update with this, LJ asked about loading from draft and popped up stuff she'd written several days ago when she clicked "yes". Notices autosave above entry box::

::loves the LJ::
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I ask this every so often, but I keep hoping I'll get some kind of an answer. I want to explore different sorts of things/looks I can give my journal and such. Now, I know how to use at least the basics of the style system (I can click on the click-y bars and links and set colors and such. I think I'm looking more for ideas than anything - but I'd also like info and help on adding images and things - as well as thoughts on what kinds of cool "extras" I might could add to my journal. I want things that will make me more likely to come online and play, really.

Anyway, if anyone knows of any links or idea sites or communities or anything that pertain to journal design, lemme have 'em!



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