May. 24th, 2009 04:50 am
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Um.  Hi.

I haven't been around much.  And I'm not actually 100% sure that this is a change in that particular trend, but ::shrug::.

I want to write things down and record them.  I want to keep a running tally of my life, online, and use the materials and tools that I have at my disposal to do so... I'm just not sure *how* to do that.

That's not exactly right.  I suppose, in an abstract way, I do know how to do it.  I could write you manuals and papers about how all these things work, but I'm not sure how to apply them to my life.  What things do I want to record?  How do I want to keep up with them?  Like my physical surroundings, if I had a cut and dried system of where things went and how things should be sorted and what kinds of classificiations and distinctions I should be making, then I could impose some kind of order on things.  I'm just not sure what those things are *for me*.

Take ravelry, for instance.   I can record what yarns I own, what projects I'm working on, etc.  There's also a tagging system, that would allow me to organize and categorize and classify my projects, my queue (projects I want to make someday), and my "favorites" (things I just thing are neat) into categories that are meaningful to me.  I know that many people are able to create and use tags in a completely organic way, and that works for them.  I, however, can guarantee you I need a better basic structure than that (because I've *tried* the completely organic thing, and it doesn't work).  So I need to decide at the outset that I'm going to mark all my books with a tag "book" and further that I'm going to call science fiction "speculative" and not "sci-fi", "scifi", "science fiction" and "science fic".  Because I *WILL* do the later if I'm not properly prepared beforehand.

Then there's the age-old question of "what kind of a planning system do I need to be using?  What do I need to keep track of?  I have several little peices and ideas, but I don't know what the picture is yet or even what shape the puzzle is.  I know that I need a hard copy, paper calendar I can carry around, that's small and lightweight, and has the months in it with plenty of room to write.  I finally figured out a year or so ago that I "see" and "think" of time in months, so that's the best way for me to see my schedule.  Daily pages are *way* too excessive, and weekly pages seldom get used.  I know that I need some kind of contact/address book, and it needs to have both a high-tech component and a low-tech (ie, written on paper) component as well.

Going back to calendars for a moment, while I know I need a paper calendar, I also want/need to use my Google Calendar because that's where many of my events and activities first get posted, and I have several friends calendars I'm linked to.

I have my LJ tags where I want them (I think) but none of my others are that organized.  (Also, I feel like I should at some point go back and tag the old LJ entries from the before times when there weren't any tags so that they'll be searchable too.)

Any thoughts/advice/etc would be appreciated.


In completely other news, I'm on Clue 1 of the new Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl, and while I can't say that the Knit Picks' Gloss Lace is flipping my switch all that much as a yarn overall, I LOVE the color I'm using (Mango).  It's a nice, cheerful orange-y peach that makes me happy when I look at it.  Which is a good thing, considering how depressed I've been lately. 

I've finished one of two socks for the Hogwarts Sock Swap (5), and I know I need to get cracking on the other one (it's due the 28th).  

My swap-ee for the Reducio! swap seemed very pleased with her package, and I'm pretty pleased with the idea/execution of said idea that I came up with.


The House season finale blew me away and left me climbing the walls for next season.  I still need to go watch the season finale of Dollhouse, but I really liked "Briar Rose".  We're having to wait to watch the last two eps of NCIS because I had to put the Netflix on hold until I can deposit my next check (I was stupid, didn't keep up with my money well enough and accidentally went overdrawn).   Castle was lovely, though, and I'm THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF that it's coming back.  

I'm both looking forward to, and a bit nervous about the new season of Jon&Kate+8 starting on Monday.

I got a look at the 2009-2010 Upfronts at TV.com and I have to say I'm pretty happy with them.  I don't see the House spin-off though?  But there's a bloody lot of genre shows, which pleases me to no end.  And I've already checked out the pilot ep of Glee and can't wait to see more.  

I'm loving the new season of In Plain Sight (Mary/Marshall for the win! though Brandy/Peter are pretty cute, too) and the more I see of Royal Pains the more I want to actually watch it.  


I'm reading New Moon right now, and liking it ok.  I'm not turning into a rabid fan, but I don't think that it sucks, either.

Speaking of rabid fan-girl-ness, I want more Star Trek OMGOMGOMG.  I also loved Wolverine, and was quite pleased with Angels and Demons.  The pacing of A&D is much better than it was in The DaVinci Code, I think.  I've finally see the original Night at the Museum, and want to see the sequel.  I wouldn't mind seeing Terminator: Salvation in the theatres either, which is kind of weird since I never liked any of the original Terminator movies.  But Christian Bale is lovely.  Speaking of lovely, "Australia" was lovely - and Hugh Jackman is ::guhdroolguh::.  

WhedonFest is going to eat my brain.  I know it is.  And I'm going on a trip the weekend before, and GI Joe comes out somewhere in there.

Oh, and Skin Trade (the new Anita Blake) is out on the 2nd of June.  Want. Badly.

Finally, I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday this month.  My Brain Age is 42 right now, I've cleared all the Basic Sudoku levels, am on World 6 in the New Mario Bros. and am trying to find all the zoo animals in My Sims Kingdom.


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 I think I may've just blown up my f-list adding comms.  I'm sort of doing that thing where I'm jumping into *everything* headfirst.  

Moving has commenced.  Or rather, the unpacking stage of moving has commenced.  I am inordinately proud of myself for what I accomplished today, and there will be pictures, but not tonight because I'm also exhausted.  And have to go out to the car (which is all the way down the stairs and in the *cold* - wah.) 

But in a nutshell, I drove from the 'boro to my mom&dad's, then decided that I had to rearrange and "sort" all the boxes so that all the book boxes were together, and all the crafts boxes were together, etc.  Then I sorted all the dirty clothes.  (Ok, there's one tub of them left, but I'm going to do that tomorrow morning.  Also, I went through the hall bathroom and threw out all the random hba crap that's several years old and filling up the drawers and shelves.  I still need to do that in the bathroom attached to my bedroom, as well.)

There are apt to be fights in our future regarding how often we go to the 'boro on the weekends.  I don't think (ok, rather, I *know*) that my mom doesn't "get" that B and I are actually clergy in our community (especially B, now) and are very active in our religion and community and have responsibilities there.  And I'll absolutely grant you that she doesn't really have a way of understanding that, since we don't talk about it - ever - but it upsets her and makes her incredibly uncomfortable when the fact that I'm not christian comes up.  So.  Right.



In knitting news, I've started Jennigma's plus 3 gauntlets of warming - but mine are apt to only be plus 1 because I'm using worsted weight on size 3s rather than aran on size 6's.  I'm still not sure if they'll be me-sized or [livejournal.com profile] jessofthebugs -sized when I'm done.


If anyone knows how to get deviant art to either export journal entries over to LJ or get deviant art to pick up LJ entries, please let me know?  Also possibly Library Thing.  Is there a work-around involving RSS maybe?  Or something akin to LoudTwitter for other sites?

My Day

Aug. 22nd, 2007 09:15 pm
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It. Is. Hot.

It has been hot all month. We have had virtually no rain, and even our humidity is trying to go away. This makes me a very, very uncomfortable Koren. Last weekend our AC died (luckily in this heat the apartment complex sees that as a perfectly justifiable reason to use the emergency maintenance pager and it was fixed by Sunday evening) and we spent most of it at [livejournal.com profile] wintermoon3 and [livejournal.com profile] poetheather's house where it was cool.

It was hot again today.

Work: )

And I left early to go see...the Psychologist: )

This also brings me to Knitting: )

for lunch there was Bento: )

and much thought in general through the day about Fandom: )

Also? Totally AWESOME surprise waited for me at the World of Wal the other day. I was looking at the 19.99 DVD case, trying to decide if I should talk my husband into MacGuyver or Forever Knight, when what did I see, lying on it's side (cover wasn't visible) in the bottom far corner?



I do not lie.

It is, in fact, out on DVD. How I missed it on TVShowsOnDVD.com, I don't know, but DUDE! LOVE!

(Yes, Daddy, this is what Mom NEEDS for her Birthday. I'm serious.)

The ONLY reason I do not own this now is that, despite its proximity to the 19.99 DVDs? It was around 45.00. ::is sad:: My friends don't know this show. They have not witnessed the wonder of early David E. Kelly, or the glory of Ray Walston's impassioned speeches, or Don Cheadle and Fyvush Finkel's verbal fencing. (Not to mention Holly Marie Combs's pre-Charmed awesomeness.)

"Douglas Wambaugh for the defense!"

I must rectify this situation.

Did I mention it was hot?



I just found out that Nickleback, Finger Eleven, and Puddle of Mudd are going to be performing at the GEC (ok, now it's the Sommet Center. Not the point.)

WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's all [personal profile] kadollan's fault.

No.  Really.

I didn't realize, when I commented on her latest project, that it was a mystery stole.

Let alone *the* mystery stole.

The one that 6000 people are all participating in.  (Including people like the Yarn Harlot.  I'm in Knitter awe.)

I'm a sad, sad sheep.


So I totally joined.

And added my name to the waiting list for Ravelry.

And am wondering why on earth I'm posting it over here when no one even reads this one.  I'm about to cross post it to [personal profile] cybermathwitch anyway.

Do I even still *need* this journal?


(Which of course brings up the question of all my different journals.  Writing journal, ok, that makes sense, in a fashion.  And well, ok, my art journal makes sense for all the reasons I originally stated, that is, because I sign everything klm, and I wanted something to reflect that.  So those make sense.  But does it make sense to have another journal to actually *post* in - and if the purpose was to organize pics and things of projects, well, I'll eventually be able to do that on Ravelry and I'm not *good* at it now.  Blah.)

x-posted to [profile] thingsofstring
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I made two new icons for [livejournal.com profile] thingsofstring:


Feel free to nab them, but please leave me a comment and credit me in the pic comments, k?

(copyright stuff: I don't own the original images that I based them from (I got them off of Google's image search and http://www.knitpicks.com) and they're my first attempt to use Paint Shop Pro instead of Micrografx Picture Publisher, so be kind!)
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(first part cross-posted to Things of String here.)

UPDATE: [livejournal.com profile] kadollan rocks the house and got me into the clues so I could nab the word file versions. ::hugs [livejournal.com profile] kadollan::

I wanted to do the Mystery Shawl Along 1.

It's not happening in my world, though.

So I got the first clue from [livejournal.com profile] kadollan at her house. Ok, great, yay, super, right?

It went duck-ily. I got all but a row done last night while watching the last bit of YuYu Hakusho's Dark Tournament.

Went online to get on the list and get the next clue(s) - the list is closed, locked, don't come back. Sigh. Got on the MSA 2 list instead. Asked that someone send the clues to MSA 1. Someone does. The message *doesn't* end up in my inbox, I find it on the groups list, and the list site, of course, strips off all attachments. So no clues.

Asked [livejournal.com profile] kadollan to email me said clues.

Realize that I don't have Adobe PDF reader on my comp. Growl.

Try to download Adobe PDF reader.

Don't have enough disk space, and it won't let me install it to another drive it HAS TO BE C.


So I can't open the clues if I get them from [livejournal.com profile] kadollan, anyway. ::headdesk::

Decide that I should just do MSA 2 and be done with it.

It needs 1200 yds of lace weight.

I don't *HAVE* 1200 yds. I have about 800 (if I'm lucky). Now, someone's blog mentioned they'd only used 600 by the time they were through... but I'm doing magic into this shawl and if I don't end up with enough yarn, it's gonna fubar the whole thing. So I'd kinda like to know I'm gonna have enough, and, and, ARGH!

On top of all of this, my Credit Card bill people called. I told them I'd sent as much as I could this morning, but it's not enough and they threatened to take me off the payment plan and hit me with lots of fuck-you fees. I told the lady, "sorry, I'm currently unemployed, it's what I had I could send", she pushed it, and I repeated said comment. I don't HAVE anymore I can send you people. I don't even know how we're gonna pay for my meds to keep me even slightly sane (not to mention the appointment with the MD that perscribes those meds. No job=no insurance.

[livejournal.com profile] korens_puppy was working at Waffle House, but got the stomach flu, so he may or may not be fired now. We're not sure, he's supposed to call and talk to the manager today. So he may be looking for a new job (again) too.

::goes off kicking and cursing things and crying and just generally having a CRAPPY ASS day...::
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A craft list.

That's fandom.

That slashes.


uh... so yeah, introductions. Right.

My name is Koren. I'm 25, and I've been an incorrigable (sp?) fangirl since my dad started "reading" me X-Men and New Mutant comics when I was, like, 3? (Basically, he told me what was going on, rather than reading it straight off, but still.) And taping my cartoons for me. He's an enabler. ::eg::

My slash pairings? OTPs are Jim/Blair (sentinel), Stuart/Vince (qafuk), chiana/jool (farscape), bobby/hank (x-men), dani/rhayne (new mutants/x-men/whateverthehellbookthey'reinnow), uhh... Harry/Ron (when also w/ Hermione - my OT3!), and fanon Harry/Draco. I KNOW there're more I'm forgetting, but I'm forgetting them. Snerk. 'Course, that's not getting into all the anime pairings...

My crafts? Knitting. First, foremost, and always. Crochet, cross-stitch (which I actually learned how to do first, cause I started bugging my mom to let me "help" her as soon as I could see over the arm of the chair), sketching and colored pencil work, some embroidery and hand sewing. (Sewing machines confuse the hell out of me.) Origami.

Must go work now (to be able to afford all these addictions!) but I'm so glad I found this group!


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