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I'm posting the icons that came from this week's challenges at [ profile] str_icontest (#5: Out of Character), [ profile] richlan_ic (#19), and [ profile] seekerstillness (#6). All of the images were provided by the community as prompts, and the textures used are from Hybrid Genesis ([profile] hgx).

9 Chris Pine
5 Zachary Quinto

4 Richard/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Richard  (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
1 Denna (Legend of the Seeker)


Chris PineRichard/KahlanRichard

The Icons )
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Because I've been AWOL for about a week.

Other than having to work and being exhausted (I worked Friday and Saturday, had Sunday off, which was Mom's birthday, so I was in Dickson, then had to work M-F 9-5:30 after a week and a half of 10:30-7 shifts) I don't really have much reason why I wasn't online. But I generally came home everyday and crashed, hard. You wouldn't think that that hour and a half difference in schedule would be that big a deal, but yeah, it really is. I like 9-5:30 better, but the transition can be rough. Also, it was the first time in awhile that I'd had 5 days straight. Usually my schedule is more broken up than that. Weird, ne?

Fic Prompts

[ profile] holde_maid, I have two of yours done:

5 brief, wordless encounters aboard one space-ship of your choice (I picked Battlestar)
5 times Harry was playing Quidditch and stopped paying attention to the game

The other one is taking a little longer.

[ profile] elflore, I have two of yours done:

Five (Greek/Roman) Myths Kara Thrace Never Liked
Five Historical Personages To Whom the Doctor Never Dared Introduce Rose (if you read this in the next 5 minutes, there won't be a link there, as I have to finish the update.) Updated.

It's unlikely (as I mentioned over IM) that I'll get the other one (the FS one) written. I hope the other two are sufficient to suffice however! ::huggles::

[ profile] i_am_girlfriday, I'm still working on yours. It's just taking me a bit, as I haven't watched Roswell in awhile. ::G::


Apparently I never posted my icons for [ profile] bsg_challenge's "33" challenge. Doh.

You can find 6 icons and 6 bases for "33" here and 3 icons for "Water" here.



Personal-type stuff )

[ profile] lithium_doll has hit her 1000 post, and is trying for 1000 comments on said post, and is also offering to make a limited number of mini-vids. She is taking requests, and will then choose about 18 of the suggestions (not the first 18, mind, but out of all of them) to do. She is excellent at the vidding, btw. (If you haven't checked out her stuff, DO! There's Farscape and Firefly and Battlestar and all sorts of other things.) Her post is here. Go play!

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So, the recent meme going around (warning - pic-heavy and not work safe per se) has me considering doing icons for several (not all, but many) of my interests. So there very well could be icon-spam from me later. Just saying. (Also have realized I need to go in and edit my interests, so badly. I added BSG-stuff on the fly, but I must add and remove other things.)

Also on my mind: NaNoWriMo 2006. In a nutshell, for those of you who don't know, the goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days (specifically the month of November). It's an international effort and many, many people join in on the insanity every year. One of the things about it though, is that it has to be something new. No working on a project you've already started writing, even if you don't count what was written previously. (Yes, I've fudged that and tossed out the whole bloody bit of scraps from a story before and started fresh with the same idea, but you're not really supposed to. I'm a bad girl. Someone should punish me. ;) (Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm in a mood.))

ANYWAY, I learned the hard way after a couple of less-than-stellar years (see 2004 and 2005 to be precise, after getting 40,000+ in 2003 on a HP fic) that I need to start planning NOW. (It's ok to write notes and such before the event. Just no actual text.)

I wanted to do something BSG-ish, of course, as that is my new obsession. And that's who's talking to me (almost non-stop, thankyouverymuch). But I didn't really have a huge arc-type story besides the fic that won't stop growing I'm currently in the middle of (which I damn well plan on finishing the rough draft of tonight because I'm getting tired of beating at it).

So I went back to that whole "this has all happened before, and it will all happen again" idea. And mythology. And history. And alternate realities. And a little thing I learned about during my foray into reading Xena/Gabrielle fic called Uber!fic.

So I'm going to write the realities of Lee and Kara. Past lives, what-ifs, alternate realities, the lot of it. A jumbled puzzle of interconnected peices of what is, what was, what shall be, and what might be, as well as what won't be. (Though don't expect total crack!fic sections, as the muses I've got lined up so far are the more ethereal dramatic types. I LOVE crack!fic - I just can't write it.) In that vein, I'm taking writing prompts. (I'll probably be fishing for them from now until at least mid-November - especially if I get stuck.)

So... What types of scenarios would you like to see alternate Lees and Karas in? Time period, situation, relationship, etc. Let me know. Chances are very, very good that you'll get your wish. 50,000 words is a lot of scenarios.

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I'm so far behind this morning.  Crap.  I blame it partially on the stupid stomach bug I think I had yesterday.  :oP  I didn't get this done last night like I meant to.  I'm updating the link in the previous post, but am also going ahead and linking it here to save people from having to back up on their f-lists.

So, here be ICONS.  Please take a look and feedback=love.

[profile] ez_as_pi is my hero.  She has scanned the Pilots! BSG Skiffy magazine article here.  (The article is SPOILER-Y, so you've been warned.)  She has also scanned in the Maxim BSG photo shoot, but has requested it not be reposted so I haven't linked to it.  But yay! 

Must go to work.  Blech.
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Links for various and sundry peoples:

For my bookish friends: Library Thing (I haven't tried it, but it looked cool.)

For my Firefly and Endless people: icons I found through a friend of a friend.


As some of you may or may not be aware, I have four journals (besides this one) and one comm on LJ:
[profile] klm_art (graphic and digital art), [profile] koren_m (my fic), [profile] thingsofstring (needle crafts - knitting, cross-stitch and crochet mostly), [profile] _f_a_n_tasies (reviews)


[profile] through_a_glass which is a writing community

I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I know I want to keep my art journal and my fic journals. It's the easiest way to organize that information, even if it adds another step to posting updates since I need to mention/link from here. I also have to decide whether to post to communities directly from the journals that apply (post fic from the fic journal handle, art from the art journal handle, etc.) or fake cut from this journal. I know several of you have multiple journals - I'd love any kind of feedback or advice on that one.

I'm 85% sure I'm keeping my craft journal, because it's a different mental place than regular journaling. Unless everyone here wants to hear all about my trials and joys with string. Of the not-kinky variety. That's something else. ::eg::

I'm mostly on the fence about [profile] _f_a_n_tasies. It's supposed to be a fandom journal, with more formal reviews of books, movies, show eps, and cds. And I've used it, and would like to start doing that again. As a regular habit, even. I guess part of the question becomes is fandom the same kind of box that art, writing, and crafting are in my life. It probably is. So I should probably keep it. And again, link back here.

But speaking of boxes... if I'm boxing everything else (cause it's not like they don't all mush together anyhow, yeesh) would it make sense to have a separate place for religious/spiritual ramblings? In that in particular I'm thinking about wanting/needing a f-locked journal. Which is a *very* valid reason for separating it out. Also, how many of you are interested in reading that here? I mean that as a genuine question.

Finally, regarding [profile] through_a_glass - the description of the comm is as follows:

This a community for developing writing skills, finding feedback, and trying to lure others into taking those plot bunnies that won't seem to leave you alone, but that you can't seem to write about. ::veg::

Seriously though, I know there are other writing communities out there, and I don't think that there's a specific something to make this one stand out, except that it's, well, *us*. And I don't mean that in a "we're better than everyone" sort of way, but rather in a "we all know each other" sort of way. I want this to be a place to bounce ideas around, to issue various fandom (and non-fandom) challenges, to post finished and in-progress works, and get feedback on them, and to discuss the actual *process* of writing various kinds of fiction.

It's not done a thing in several years. So, if anyone is interested in forming a writing community or being part of said group, lemme know and I'll think on opening it up. It was started for myself and several off-line friends of mine, but again, I'm willing to expand on that. Would very much *like* to expand on that, actually.

Icon Updates:

Am about to go upload the rest of the icons I've made the last several years to [profile] klm_art. Several will be up for grabs, it's a mixed bag of subjects, and I'd love feedback. Post is here. (Updated)

note: zomg am starting to hate the rich text editor and am glad I can (sort of) read html code... the lj user tagging blew up and first had the entire second half of the post as *one* lj user tag and once I fixed that tried to put the little "people" images on *both* sides of the handle, rather than the front end.  WTF?
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First, I'm a little confused.  I just upgraded back to a paid account (yay! squee!), and figured, as according to the site, that I'd have 30 userpic slots.  Cause that's what it says, right? 

How do I have 105?

I'm not complaining mind you - more pics = yay! - I'm just wondering how that happened (and if it's really true, and not a site glitch.)

On to more interesting developments:

I have a new journal.  Yes, *another* one.  But there's a good reason this time, really!  See, ever since I was old enough to draw, my mom taught me to sign my work with my initials.  So I've always signed any artwork I've done "klm".  I made a big chunk of icons and a couple wallpapers of BSG last night for [profile] bsg_challenge, and when I was saving them it occured to me I didn't have a way of translating that over into the digital world.  (Also, in purely practical thoughts, I needed a place to upload the images and didn't want to make this account a sponsored account.  I didn't realize I would be upgrading this morning.)  So I checked, and while "klm" by itself was taken, [profile] klm_art was not.  So there you have it.  There are 20 icons and 2 wallpapers, all from the Mini-Series.

Teasers (also, my new default icon - see above - is from this batch):

follow the fake cut (rules, credits, disclaimers, etc. are all within)

I meant to make one of Laura and one of Helo, but at 4am I pretty much collapsed.
Finally, I found an article about the Japanese royal family - specifically a comparison of Crown Princess Masako and Princess Kiko and how they approach their duties and obligations.  Princess Kiko is about 8 months pregnant with her third child (she has two daughters) and everyone is waiting to see whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, because right now there's not actually an heir to the throne in that generation.  (Crown Princess Masako and Crown Prince Naruhito have one child, a 4-year-old girl name Aiko.  Currently though, Japanese law doesn't allow a woman to inhereit the throne.)
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Hiya.  I have a proposition (that's as opposed to a preposition) for you.

Yes, you.

Well, assuming that you have any interest at all in making icons and such.

While I love my default icon (for nostalgia's sake if nothing else), I need a new one.  Badly.  Do you have any idea how long it's been since I watched Witchblade?  (Well, ok, not *that* long. But that's not the point.)  I need one that's "current" and "applicable" no matter what fandom I'm in at the moment.  And I really want one that reflects my handle, which I love and adore and want to snuggle and call Geor- no, wait, I want to call it "CyberMathWitch".  Not George.  Cause then it would be something like George.  And that play is seriously messed up and I haven't had caffeine today I swear and I think I'm channeling [profile] comedownstairs.  Or I've possibly been reading too many [community profile] fandomhigh posts.

ANYWAY!  I was wondering if you kind and lovely icon-making folks could either throw some conceptual ideas my way, or maybe even (cause I'm cute and lovable?) make me one?  That goes with my name.

Or hell, anybody who wants to, throw out ideas for me.  What images/symbols/etc. scream "cyber" "math" and "witch" to you?  What do you equate with the name?  Or with me, I suppose - but in a kinda non-fannish way.  Unless it's a general fannish way, rather than specific.

Thankees in advance guys and girls!

::sits back and looks hopeful::
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I made two new icons for [ profile] thingsofstring:


Feel free to nab them, but please leave me a comment and credit me in the pic comments, k?

(copyright stuff: I don't own the original images that I based them from (I got them off of Google's image search and and they're my first attempt to use Paint Shop Pro instead of Micrografx Picture Publisher, so be kind!)


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