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I've had a week. I have a sneaking suspicion the next one won't be a lot better from that standpoint, though it certainly has the potential of being better in some areas. (The part I'm not quite so encouraged about is the part that would be roll-over from this week.)

I washed out of the writing round of [ profile] startrekbigbang, and am about to do the same thing with the [ profile] polybigbang unless the word-fairy helps me out with a miracle today. I really hate that, because to me it means I wasn't on the ball and was procrastination girl and therefore it's my own damn fault. I do that with way too many things.

There are big weeks going on over at [ profile] whedonland and [ profile] legendland and in both cases, they snuck up on me and now they're in full swing and I don't feel like I have a good grasp of what's going on, how it works, or what I should be doing. Therefore, when I run across those posts, I feel sort of like you would imagine someone would feel running alongside a train who's steadily increasing it's speed as it leaves the station.

The main reason for that is, quite simply, I've had a bad week. I haven't slept well (by which I mean that I've either fallen asleep before I meant to, and therefore in a weird position and done that thing where you keep waking up just enough to know you need to move, but not enough to *actually* move, or I've fallen asleep ok but woken up incredibly stiff, sore, and tired. It's not unusual, but a week and a half (or more) in a row of it is very draining. And when my energy gets low (it doesn't take a lot, I don't have much to begin with) then I get very muddle-headed. Like VERY muddle-headed. Like, I can't read a paragraph (or sometimes a sentence) without fading out on it and not understanding what's going on or what it's saying. I'm in no way, shape, or form a stupid person, but that level of tired makes me into one, and I really sort of hate it. Caffeine can only do so much, and I have to watch how much of that I have anyway.

In completely other news, I'm now the Secretary for the Board of Whedonites United. There's all sorts of stuff surrounding that giving me stress, but I feel a really strong calling to do more in terms of fandom community organization to help fulfill that side of my job as a priestess to Dionysus. I do a lot of the religious stuff already, but fandom community has been neglected for the last several years.

Oh, and the husband just enrolled (today - well, yesterday, now) in Massage Therapy school. I'm really quite proud of him, and overall am very pleased with this turn of events. We have to meet with the Financial Aid office there next week, and classes start the middle of next month. Hopefully he'll be able to get financial aid and hopefully anything that doesn't cover his family will be willing to help out with. But this should - no, this *WILL* open up a lot of opportunities for him both now and for his (well, our) future. So I'm pleased and hopeful.

Tomorrow (Today) is Rosh Hoshanah, so I'll be busy all day helping [ profile] kadollan get ready, and cook, and so forth.


Jul. 20th, 2009 06:36 pm
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 My father pointed out to me today that: 

My Great-Grandfathers were adults when the Wright Brothers performed their first flight.

They also lived to see a man walk on the moon.

That is all.

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 I think I may've just blown up my f-list adding comms.  I'm sort of doing that thing where I'm jumping into *everything* headfirst.  

Moving has commenced.  Or rather, the unpacking stage of moving has commenced.  I am inordinately proud of myself for what I accomplished today, and there will be pictures, but not tonight because I'm also exhausted.  And have to go out to the car (which is all the way down the stairs and in the *cold* - wah.) 

But in a nutshell, I drove from the 'boro to my mom&dad's, then decided that I had to rearrange and "sort" all the boxes so that all the book boxes were together, and all the crafts boxes were together, etc.  Then I sorted all the dirty clothes.  (Ok, there's one tub of them left, but I'm going to do that tomorrow morning.  Also, I went through the hall bathroom and threw out all the random hba crap that's several years old and filling up the drawers and shelves.  I still need to do that in the bathroom attached to my bedroom, as well.)

There are apt to be fights in our future regarding how often we go to the 'boro on the weekends.  I don't think (ok, rather, I *know*) that my mom doesn't "get" that B and I are actually clergy in our community (especially B, now) and are very active in our religion and community and have responsibilities there.  And I'll absolutely grant you that she doesn't really have a way of understanding that, since we don't talk about it - ever - but it upsets her and makes her incredibly uncomfortable when the fact that I'm not christian comes up.  So.  Right.



In knitting news, I've started Jennigma's plus 3 gauntlets of warming - but mine are apt to only be plus 1 because I'm using worsted weight on size 3s rather than aran on size 6's.  I'm still not sure if they'll be me-sized or [ profile] jessofthebugs -sized when I'm done.


If anyone knows how to get deviant art to either export journal entries over to LJ or get deviant art to pick up LJ entries, please let me know?  Also possibly Library Thing.  Is there a work-around involving RSS maybe?  Or something akin to LoudTwitter for other sites?
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First, if anyone has been trying to get in touch with me via phone... "it's dead jim." Well, not dead like a dead thing, but dead like a "has no battery and I'm working on fixing that" thing. But I haven't been ignoring people on purpose, honest.

Second, a to do list (for the next year):

1. plan (loosely) a mini-shipper-con for October sometime. This may end up being just me and the immediate area (though fandom-peoples, if you wanna come visit Nashville, we'd love to have you! The more the merrier!), but even if it's 4 of us in a hotel room for a couple days being complete fannish geeks and watching bsg, hex, and vids, I'm ok with that. I need that.

2. start saving for VividCon, and a trip to Vegas to visit Triplet. (Seriously weigh option of asking parents for plane ticket as Christmas prezzie.)

3. get a computer we can make frakking vids on. (This will likely be christmas from my Puppy's side of the family.)

4. seriously inquire about online digital art and webdesign schools.

5. don't get fired.

6. have a Dionysia. Maybe Farscape-themed, cause I can. (depending on my mood. I just haven't been in as much of a Farscape headspace lately.)

7. Get engulfed in Hex to appease the Twin. ::eg::

8. Get Twin engulfed in BSG.

9. Get other Triplet down here for a visit.

10. super-secret-to-do: talk Triplet the second into coming to VividCon too... (super-secret-to-do courtesy Tiny Yellow Type (TM), which you can blame on [ profile] theusual)

11. Oh yes. And plan my frakking wedding. ::meeps and hides::

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I'm a lowly customer service/data entry rep. Granted I've been here for 20 days shy of two years and all but the first 3-4 months of that in the same department, but I am still only intake.

Keep this in mind.

When I'm having to tell one of the clients HOW THEIR JOB/COMPANY IS SUPPOSED TO WORK (granted in very polite, couched terms because hello I don't have a work!death wish)... there's something wrong w/ this pic. The liason from said client is going to cause me to pull out my hair, I just know it. (Which is a shame, really, because I actually *did* my hair this morning (more than a quick pony tail/bun) for the first time in awhile. And it's quite pretty. I don't want to tear it out. kthnx)

My sweetie/fiance/betrothed (pick a term) has an LJ now. He hasn't posted yet - ::pointed look in his general direction:: but his username is [ profile] korens_puppy. (All his idea, I swear.)

If anyone sees my Trio-fic muse ::glances heavenward at Kalliope in supplication:: (the one that actually makes me *write* stuff out for real though) *PLEASE* send her home. I want to write - I know what I'm going to write, but it won't go.

I'm actually having a really good day... even if it doesn't sound like it.


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