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Because I've been AWOL for about a week.

Other than having to work and being exhausted (I worked Friday and Saturday, had Sunday off, which was Mom's birthday, so I was in Dickson, then had to work M-F 9-5:30 after a week and a half of 10:30-7 shifts) I don't really have much reason why I wasn't online. But I generally came home everyday and crashed, hard. You wouldn't think that that hour and a half difference in schedule would be that big a deal, but yeah, it really is. I like 9-5:30 better, but the transition can be rough. Also, it was the first time in awhile that I'd had 5 days straight. Usually my schedule is more broken up than that. Weird, ne?

Fic Prompts

[ profile] holde_maid, I have two of yours done:

5 brief, wordless encounters aboard one space-ship of your choice (I picked Battlestar)
5 times Harry was playing Quidditch and stopped paying attention to the game

The other one is taking a little longer.

[ profile] elflore, I have two of yours done:

Five (Greek/Roman) Myths Kara Thrace Never Liked
Five Historical Personages To Whom the Doctor Never Dared Introduce Rose (if you read this in the next 5 minutes, there won't be a link there, as I have to finish the update.) Updated.

It's unlikely (as I mentioned over IM) that I'll get the other one (the FS one) written. I hope the other two are sufficient to suffice however! ::huggles::

[ profile] i_am_girlfriday, I'm still working on yours. It's just taking me a bit, as I haven't watched Roswell in awhile. ::G::


Apparently I never posted my icons for [ profile] bsg_challenge's "33" challenge. Doh.

You can find 6 icons and 6 bases for "33" here and 3 icons for "Water" here.



Personal-type stuff )

[ profile] lithium_doll has hit her 1000 post, and is trying for 1000 comments on said post, and is also offering to make a limited number of mini-vids. She is taking requests, and will then choose about 18 of the suggestions (not the first 18, mind, but out of all of them) to do. She is excellent at the vidding, btw. (If you haven't checked out her stuff, DO! There's Farscape and Firefly and Battlestar and all sorts of other things.) Her post is here. Go play!

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So I'm actively avoiding making icons for [ profile] bsg_challenge and posting instead. After avoiding posting all day. 'Cause I make sense. Sure.

trip to my dentist - things you didn't want to know: )

And I missed work today because I was running late, and since I had to leave early yesterday for the dental appt. I was better off missing an entire day than clocking in 2 minutes late. Because that makes sense. Stupid policies. But since I was in desperate need for lots of sleep and have been running a fever of about 99 (give or take a point or eight) it works out just as well.

finally, meme, because I need cheering up (snurched from [ profile] comedownstairs):

Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is readers mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. The message can be anything, it could be a love note or even fandom related etc. Feel free to comment on each other's letters. And multiple takes on one character are welcome.

1. Kara Thrace
2. Lee Adama
3. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (the original)
4. Helo
6. John Crichton
7. Aeryn Sun
8. Vala
9. Daniel Jackson
10. Tenth Doctor
11. Rose Tyler
12. Jack Harkness
13. Tempe Brennan
14. Angela Montenegro
15. Josh Lyman
16. Sam Seaborn
17. Donna Moss
18. CJ Cregg
19. Kaylee Frye
20. Inara Serra
21. Mal Reynolds
22. River Tam
23. Tara (BTVS)

I'm gonna go paint Warhammer models.


Aug. 23rd, 2006 10:46 pm
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The Hall of Fame is up for [ profile] bsg_challenge's Mini-Series challenge. It's not a contest comm, so *everyone* gets one piece of their work in the Hall of Fame, but the mod picks which piece gets it. Which kind of makes it like a contest with yourself. I was actually kinda surprised (ok, was *very* surprised) that this:

was what got chosen. The rest are here, and I also submitted the altered version of my "prayer" icon:

::shrugs:: Tis tres cool, nonetheless, and I get a nifty banner!

(Does anyone know how to include a javascript-y type thing on your LJ page and/or your LJ userinfo page? I'm trying to get my 43 Things list on my journal somehow. It'll generate the javascript for me, but I'm not sure where to paste it to on LJ.)


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