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(This would be what you call a rough draft.   Eventually, I will post them in my fic journal ([profile] koren_m) with pretty headers but for now you get them raw.)  (General disclaimers for La Femme Nikita fandom apply - not mine, yadayada, belong to Joel Surnow and USA etc etc etc.  Lyrics on the second belong to Tori Amos.)

First, for [personal profile] mlsky: Five Times Michael and Nikita Communicate Without Words:

And then, for the lovely and supremely evil [profile] the_disco_fairy: Five Original Times Prompted with Tori Amos Lyrics:

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Because I've been AWOL for about a week.

Other than having to work and being exhausted (I worked Friday and Saturday, had Sunday off, which was Mom's birthday, so I was in Dickson, then had to work M-F 9-5:30 after a week and a half of 10:30-7 shifts) I don't really have much reason why I wasn't online. But I generally came home everyday and crashed, hard. You wouldn't think that that hour and a half difference in schedule would be that big a deal, but yeah, it really is. I like 9-5:30 better, but the transition can be rough. Also, it was the first time in awhile that I'd had 5 days straight. Usually my schedule is more broken up than that. Weird, ne?

Fic Prompts

[ profile] holde_maid, I have two of yours done:

5 brief, wordless encounters aboard one space-ship of your choice (I picked Battlestar)
5 times Harry was playing Quidditch and stopped paying attention to the game

The other one is taking a little longer.

[ profile] elflore, I have two of yours done:

Five (Greek/Roman) Myths Kara Thrace Never Liked
Five Historical Personages To Whom the Doctor Never Dared Introduce Rose (if you read this in the next 5 minutes, there won't be a link there, as I have to finish the update.) Updated.

It's unlikely (as I mentioned over IM) that I'll get the other one (the FS one) written. I hope the other two are sufficient to suffice however! ::huggles::

[ profile] i_am_girlfriday, I'm still working on yours. It's just taking me a bit, as I haven't watched Roswell in awhile. ::G::


Apparently I never posted my icons for [ profile] bsg_challenge's "33" challenge. Doh.

You can find 6 icons and 6 bases for "33" here and 3 icons for "Water" here.



Personal-type stuff )

[ profile] lithium_doll has hit her 1000 post, and is trying for 1000 comments on said post, and is also offering to make a limited number of mini-vids. She is taking requests, and will then choose about 18 of the suggestions (not the first 18, mind, but out of all of them) to do. She is excellent at the vidding, btw. (If you haven't checked out her stuff, DO! There's Farscape and Firefly and Battlestar and all sorts of other things.) Her post is here. Go play!

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Five Times meme:

(In case anyone missed this one - it's a fic-prompt meme. Give me a "Five times such and such happened" or "Five things so and so keeps in a drawer" or Five ::insert something witty here:: type of prompt.)

Your fandom options:
1. BSG
2. Firefly
3. Farscape
4. Roswell
5. Harry Potter
6. Doctor Who
7. New Mutants/X-Men

- almost added Buffy to the list, but... really don't want to write Buffy right now.


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