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Dear Yuletide Author,


I am so excited! I would be pretty equally happy with any of my choices, so whichever you like best or get the best idea for would be awesome.

In general, I like 'shippy stuff, and witty banter, and have a particular love of thick and heavy UST (depending on the couple, and how much that fits their personality, of course.) My biggest sticking point/wish is that characters be in character or have good, well thought out reasons *not* to be in character. I like fics that delve into characterization - and even better if it's a third party observing the main characters thinking about how they interact with one another. I like comedy, and drama, but prefer if characters aren't hurt too terribly badly by the time things are over. Hurt/comfort is ok, so long as there really is comfort there to make it better. ::g:: Any rating you'd like to write is ok with me.

More particularly (thoughts and suggestions you are free to include or not as it moves you):

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: I'm a huge Bee/Lena 'shipper. I love Carmen as well and like Tibby ok. I am particularly curious about what their lives are like several years past the end of the series, or even what their lives are like once they have children of their own.

The Changeover: I'd love to know what else happens to Laura and Sorry (I do 'ship them) now that she's changed, and they're back to their lives as (not quite) normal.

Mythology: I have much love for Dionysus all over the place as well as Persephone. I ship Dionysus/Ariadne and think Theseus is a bit of a putz. I like everything from simple re-tellings to completely interpretive re-invention of mythology, so feel free to go nuts. ::g::

GI Joe: I love Scarlett/Snake Eyes, but see interesting potential for Scarlett (this one in particular) having a range of relationships with the different men on her team. Exploration of what those relationships are like and might be (or might become) would be amazing.

Above all - thank you so much for being my Yuletide author, and for taking the time to write me a present! I really do appreciate it!


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